Josiah G. Belden, CPA
Founding Principal

Josiah G. Belden

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Joe graduated with a BA degree in accounting and economics in 1973, and was licensed as a CPA shortly thereafter.  Beginning his career, Joe worked in Los Angeles office of Lester Witte & Company, a national mid-sized C.P.A firm.  He founded his own C.P.A firm in Northern California in 1978, where he provided a variety of tax and accounting services.  After selling his practice in 1980, he relocated to Newport Beach, where he directed the small business department of Pannel Kerr Forster, another mid-sized national accounting firm.  In 1982, he started a regional CPA practice that would eventually become BHL & Co., LLP, reflecting the addition of several new partners.  Today, drawing on 38 years of consulting, accounting and tax planning experience, Joe leads BHL & Co., LLP in providing ownership transition, merger & acquisition, business valuation, statistical analyses, strategic planning and other consulting services to its specialty niche of architectural, engineering and planning companies.  Joe is an Honorary Professional Affiliate of the AIAOC.